Have you ever felt like something was just suckin' the life outta ya? That very thing that you've been so incredibly passionate about your whole life, that thing you're committed to, the one thing you just know you're called to do...

The one thing you were determined to succeed at and yet, someone or something just comes along, just when you're lovin' it and then...


You're hit...


And that passion, that drive you once had for this thing is no longer there? Doesn't mean that passion, determination and commitment can't return, because it can, but for now, for that moment in time, you need to step away, regroup, refocus and just... BREATHE.

Full disclosure... that was me over a year ago. I stepped away from the mic and spent my time helping my husband Ernie manage his car dealership here in Wichita Falls and open a new location along the Gulf Coast.

But now I'M COMING BACK to the Wichita Falls airwaves on 102.3 The Bull!

Hey, y'all! It's me, Laura! You've probably heard me on the radio here in Wichita Falls, or via satellite radio in Lawton, or maybe we've met when you've been out car shopping. Either way, I'm excited to be back on the radio in my hometown!

I grew up in Wichita Falls. Recorded my first radio commercial at eight years old. I knew then I was meant to play music and hopefully along the way, brighten someone's day. So it all started in 1981.

Since then, I've been heard in cities around the country via ABC Radio Networks, every military base in the world through Armed Forces Radio and reported traffic and road conditions on radio and television stations in various cities including Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Oklahoma City and Phoenix, just to name a few! I even worked several years on the television side of things producing and directing newscasts. But nowhere is home like Wichita Falls!

When I'm not on the radio, I love going to live music shows with my husband, Ernie, relaxing with my five dogs, perfecting my yoga poses and relaxing on the beach along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

I'm glad to be joining you on 102.3 The Bull! You can catch me weekday afternoons from 3-7 p.m. so tune in!

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