When your family pet is in peril, you’d do just about anything to save them, including mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. In Wisconsin this week, it wasn’t the pet owner who saved the day, but a firefighter. When firefighters responded to a fire, they discovered that a dog named Coda was still inside the burning house. That’s when Jared Thompson and Jamie Giese rushed in to find the dog.

When they got to Coda, they could see the dog was having trouble breathing, so that’s when they decided they would try their best to save the family pet, even though they had no training in canine rescue.

The result was a living Coda, who spend the night in the vet’s office, and is getting around just fine now. The family is grateful to the men who took a risk and did what it took to save their pet, and the pooch is probably pretty happy, too.

Would you do anything to save your pet?

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