No Justice makes a return to Denim and Diamonds tonight.  The band has toured around the region extensive for the last decade, but this time around the show almost didn't happen.

Lead Singer Steve Rice had a medical emergency a couple weeks ago that caused the band to cancel many of their shows. According to a No Justice Press Release: Rice arrived at the emergency room in Stillwater, Oklahoma on Monday, March 18th complaining of chest and stomach pains.  The first diagnosis determined an enlarged gallbladder that was described by the doctors as one of the worst cases they had seen and was successfully removed the following day, but the chest pains continued.  A slew of tests and x-rays revealed a profound amount of fluid around the singer’s heart resulting from a viral infection and he was rushed by ambulance to an Oklahoma City hospital for emergency surgery where doctors withdrew over a liter of fluid from the sack around his heart. That evening after the second surgery Rice took a turn for the worst coming down with a serious fever in a body that was shutting down.  Fluid was, again, building around his heart and now also in his lungs, and he was additionally suffering from pneumonia.  Rice underwent yet another surgery where doctors successfully removed the fluid for the second time. 

Well, enough recovery time has passed and tonight's show will be the first time the band has played live since.  Steve Rice says that he's a lucky man, and is ready to get back at it, .  “The Big Man upstairs took care of me.  He obviously has big plans for my life.”


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