I hardly ever know what to get my husband for Valentine's Day. I know he'd like a new pinball machine, but the one we'd both like to buy just isn't in the budget. Flowers and candy won't work since he's a dude and probably wouldn't appreciate a bouquet delivered to his office. Something for his man cave? Maybe, if I can find the right thing... But chances are you've been right where I am, wondering what that "perfect" something should be.

Never fear! New York's Bronx Zoo has a solution this year. For only $10, you can name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after your sweetie!

"Nothing says forever like a cockroach," zoo director Jim Breheny said. "They are resourceful, resilient and have been around for hundreds of millions of years."

Oddly enough, I can actually see his point.

Along with naming your own hissing gift, the recipient also receives an e-card informing them of act.

I can see guys maybe being OK with a woman buying this for them. It's quirky and gross, which is exactly what men want, right? As for women, I don't know that they'd like it so much. I know I wouldn't, but I can actually see my husband getting me something like this just to see my facial expression when told I have a cockroach named after me. If he did that, there had better be flowers to follow.

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