Being a mom definitely changes you, and mostly it's worth it. Mostly. *Sigh.*

There's really no way to hide the fact that you're a mother. A recent study of 2,000 mothers in the UK has revealed the 20 telltale signs that you are a mom, and they all hit way close too home.

  1. Rushing around.
  2. Constantly looking tired.
  3. Always thinking about food and what to cook.
  4. Go out shopping and only return with stuff for the children.
  5. Always leave the house with three bags.
  6. Permanently have bags Under your eyes.
  7. Cry at everything related to children.
  8. Always go to bed by 9pm.
  9. Look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.
  10. No longer celebrate your own achievements on Facebook – just those of your child.
  11. Prefer big, ugly underwear.
  12. Panic about having late nights.
  13. Your work colleagues seem so young.
  14. Ignore fashion.
  15. Get drunk on just one glass of wine.
  16. Suddenly want to buy a people carrier.
  17. Can get up early with a hangover.
  18. Look forward to weekly food shop.
  19. Love discussing toilet habits.
  20. Rely on daytime TV for tips on motherhood.