Not so egg-cellent news, y'all. 

If you've noticed a spike in egg prices at the grocery store lately, you're not alone. According to CNN, eggs are currently almost 60% more expensive than they were last year. And while you may have initially blamed the economy or inflation for the increase, it turns out there's another culprit: a massive avian flu outbreak. Millions of chickens have been affected, leading to a shortage and higher prices. In Texas, the average price for a carton of eggs ranges from $3 for a 6-pack to a whopping $8 for organic options. So, next time you're cracking open an egg, remember the little feathered friends who made it all possible.

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Let's dive into all the amazing things you can buy for less than the cost of those eggs.

1. Dairy Queen Blizzard Large - $4.69

You can get one with cookie dough which technically has eggs in it, right?

2. Pint of Blue Bell - $3.89

However, if you're going to throw caution to the wind and have ice cream for breakfast, might as well make it the best.

3. Shiner 6 Pack - $9.22

Well, screw it, if your having ice cream for breakfast, you might as well start drinking, too.

4. Best Made Pickles - $3.89

Beer for breakfast? Nothing helps with a hangover better than pickle juice due to all the electrolytes it contains, which help with dehydration.

5. Pecans - $8.98

The Pecan Tree is the Texas State Tree. 'Nuff said.

6. Dr Pepper 12-pack cans - $6.48

This was my breakfast from age 18-26, so don't tell me it's not an option.  I mean, it's made with prune juice.

7. Avocadoes 5 pack - $4.10

Remember when avocados were expensive? NPR posted a graph on Instagram which shows how much the cost of eggs is raising in comparison to the cost of avocados falling.

8. Clint's Salsa - $3.88

Personally, I was going to add this to my eggs, but who can afford both these days, am I right.

9. Texas Roadhouse Rolls Dozen - $4.99

Did you know you can order a dozen of these bad boys? Now you do.

10. 200 ml bottle of Tito's - $7.99

Hey start your day with some Tito's and the price of eggs just won't really matter so much anymore.  Neither will your job, friends, or hygiene so you got that going for you, which is nice.


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