They don't expect it to make its way to the shore, but still. This is giving me 'Jaws' vibes.

Anybody who has seen 'Jaws' has had a thought about swimming in the ocean and getting eaten by a shark. Yes, I'm aware the odds of getting attacked by a shark are low (1 in about 4 million actually). However, that number is still not zero, so I always think about it every time I go swimming.


In Hollywood, the great white shark has become the big daddy for what we think of violent sharks. The tiger shark is actually the one that attacks the most, great white isn't even top five for attacks on humans. However, if you heard, great white off the coast. You would think twice about going in the water, just because of the movies.


Oseach has several great whites tagged to monitor their pasterns and it looks like a big girl they have named Acadia is about 150 miles off the Galveston coast. She is a 1,600-pound, 10.5-foot female sub-adult shark. While great whites making it close to Galveston isn’t a frequent thing, it’s not uncommon, either. Dr. Gregory Skomal, a biologist with Massachusetts Marine Fisheries and current head of the Massachusetts Shark Research Program, says it’s similar to people up north heading south for the winter.


“White sharks are amazing critters, that they do these really broad scale annual migrations and I guarantee that shark comes right back up to New England this coming summer,” he said.

So I guess be careful if you're planning a trip to Galveston this weekend. It could be a jawsome good time for you.

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