The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has stopped another longstanding sporting event, this one in Wichita Falls. The Hotter'N Hell Hundred organizers announced this afternoon that the 2020 Hotter'N Hell Hundred weekend will be a virtual event. Rather than making downtown Wichita Falls the hub of activity for thousands of cyclists from all across the nation participants are encouraged to safely ride or run their individual HHH events in their own home towns.

To celebrate their accomplishments the Hotter'N Hell Hundred will mail them their ride T-shirts and finisher's medal.

Those who have preregistered for the 2020 ride will have the option of transferring their registration to the 2021 event, asking for a refund, or donating their registration fees to the United Regional Foundation / Children's Miracle Network.

Those who have not registered for the 2020 event already can register for the virtual activities on the Hotter'N Hell Hundred sign up page beginning at noon, Friday, May 15th.

The Hotter'N Hell Hundred began in 1982 as a single day bicycle ride and has grown into a weekend of activities both on and off bicycles with proceeds reinvested into the Wichita Falls community and as a leading sponsor of the Midwestern State University Cycling Team.

The full press release reads as follows:


May 14, 2020. (940) 322-3223

This morning, Hotter’N Hell Hundred - in accordance with local government and public health guidance - made the difficult decision to modify its onsite 2020 HHH weekend activities (August 27 to 30) in Wichita Falls, TX because of the dangers the COVID-19 Virus poses to the safety and health of our riders, runners, volunteers and community.
HHH will instead offer a VIRTUAL EVENT, where participants can safely ride or run their HHH events, respectful of social distancing, in their own hometowns. To set the mood and celebrate our participants’ accomplishments, HHH will mail each virtual cyclist and runner their official 2020 HHH ride t-shirt and finisher’s medal.
We are confident that with the longtime support of our participants, volunteers, sponsors and community that HHH will return in 2021, stronger than ever. On August 28, 2021, HHH will celebrate its 40th anniversary – the 140th anniversary of the founding of Wichita Falls.
For the 1,700 riders and runners who have already registered for the 2020 HHH, each will have the option to either shift their 2020 registration to a 2020 virtual event, defer their 2020 registration to the 2021 Hotter’N Hell Hundred weekend or they can donate their 2020 registration fees to the United Regional Foundation / Children’s Miracle Network. Already registered participants will soon receive an email giving them the opportunity to select their option.
Cyclists and runners who have not already registered for the 2020 HHH may start signing up for the VIRTUAL HHH activities at starting at noon Friday, May 15. They may register for the Endurance Ride, the Mountain Bike Races, the Trail Runs and/or the Grava Del Fuego gravel grind. All participants will receive shirts and medals and are encouraged to submit pictures of themselves - after they’ve completed their events - to the website or the HHH Facebook social media pages.

The Hotter’N Hell Hundred was formed in 1982 as a single day bicycle ride with the intent of drawing attention to the Centennial Celebration of the founding of Wichita Falls. To ride 100 miles in 100 degree weather for 100 years of Wichita Falls. The 1982 event proved so popular that Roby Christie and the ride’s organizers, The Wichita Falls Bicycling Club, continued to bring it back each year. Over time, HHH expanded into a 4-day weekend that now includes a Consumer Expo, Medical Symposium, USAC races, Finish Line Village, Wichita Falls Streams & Valleys’ trail events and a gravel grinder.
Hotter'N Hell Hundred is the largest single day century (100 mile) ride in the nation. Over 13,000 riders from across the globe come to Wichita Falls, TX to experience a weekend of challenging and inspiring activities.

HHH is proud of the economic impact the ride has had on the area economy. Already by 1986, it was estimated the ride brought $3.5 million into the area economy. By 2011, a detailed study commissioned by the Wichita Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau estimated that HHH brought over $8 million into the area economy.

The proceeds from HHH, after expenses are paid, are reinvested into improving the ride as well as into the community including major sponsorship of the Midwestern State University Cycling Team. HHH donates to the non-profits and groups that help put on the ride and event each year. That includes, among many others, United Regional Children’s Miracle Network, American Red Cross, Wichita Amateur Radio Society, Wichita County Fire Department, Wichita County Sheriff Department and numerous volunteer fire departments.


This event has an enormous impact on our community and will be missed by many this year.


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