A 4-year-old boy in El Paso, TX was found dead in his backyard Thursday night, having been attacked by his family's dogs.

El Paso police found the boy in his backyard around 8pm Thursday. According to Times Record News, the boy's mother, who was taken into custody following the incident, had reportedly left the boy to play on an enclosed trampoline in the yard. Its not certain how long he was in the yard, or if he was left alone with the dogs.

A neighbor, Ramon Payan, said that the family was known to have nearly 10 dogs of various sizes and breeds, some of which are stereotyped as "aggressive breeds",

The ambulance came, and when we saw the people who live there come out of the house crying, I imagined right away (what might have happened)

They have a lot of dogs, and aggressive dogs — pit bulls and German shepherds, big and small, about 10 dogs — and young children.

No charges had been filed against the parents as of Friday, though officers are still investigating the incident. All of the family's dogs were taken by Animal Control.

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