How have you been keeping busy during the pandemic? Rather than binge watching old episodes of TV shows and movie marathons, one woman in Australia spent the last couple of months ... yes, months ... putting together a 9,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

By the time it was finished it covered nearly an entire sheet of plywood that her husband had placed over the not quite large enough dining room table.

That's a major accomplishment,  9,000 pieces, months of painstaking work, the finished product absolutely dominating the entire dining room. So the woman, her husband, and their daughter decided they should commemorate the moment and take a picture of mom with the finished masterpiece. Since they couldn't shoot it from straight above the next best option was to tilt the puzzle board up just enough for the completed image to be visible, but not so much that it slid off onto the floor and became a new game of 9,000 piece pickup.

In fact the daughter and husband had joked about doing just that, tilting the board up to watch the pieces fall off. Which brings into question the "accidental" nature of what happened.

Oops. Sorry, mom. Let us help you clean this all up.

Maybe next time they'll put a small wooden border around the edge of the puzzle board. Judging by the daily news she may have plenty of time to reassemble her masterpiece.

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