Why can’t everyone just be a good sport?  I mean, is a high school basketball game really worth getting in a fight over?

One adult, and one juvenile are now facing charges, after a huge fight broke out at a high school basketball game in Clay County, last Friday night.

Shortly after the match between Seymour and Petrolia High School, a fan and a Petrolia player got into a physical altercation, that later turned into an all-out brawl.  The Petrolia basketball player received injures to the face, and was treated by an ambulance on scene.

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Fortunately, the Clay County Constable Sidney Horton was on duty at the game, and was able to resolve the situation.  After interviewing witnesses, and reviewing video footage, 67-year-old John Kevin Anderson was arrested, for allegedly starting the fight.  He was booked into the Clay County Jail and charged with Assault Against a Sports Participant, which is a Class B misdemeanor.

A juvenile from Seymour High School was also detained, but was soon released to the Seymour ISD Athletic Director.  He is also facing assault charges, which will be filed at a later date.

Both the Seymour and Petrolia School Districts are investigating the cause of the brawl, and will take appropriate disciplinary action, if necessary.  They declined to comment on the fight any further due to the ongoing investigation, and student privacy issues, but added that they will take measure to prevent incidents like this from happening again in the future.

Who do you think started the fight?  You can see the fight, and decide for yourself, by watching the video below.

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