A two-car accident at the corner of Jacksboro Hwy and Midwestern Pkwy in Wichita Falls left a pickup truck overturned on Monday.

The collision happened just after noon when a man driving a gray truck (pictured above) was T-boned by a man in a silver SUV.

The truck was traveling north on Jacksboro Hwy and was turning left onto Midwestern Pkwy when it was struck by the SUV traveling south on Jacksboro Hwy, causing the truck to flip upside down.

The SUV had a green light while the truck turning left had a flashing yellow left turn arrow. The man in the truck said he thought the SUV was traveling slower than it actually was and assumed that it was also turning on to Midwestern Pkwy. He says he wasn't sure if the SUV had its turn signal on or not.

Both men walked away with minor injuries.

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