I'm actually a little shocked to see Dallas at the top, I expected a different Texas city to outrank them.

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One of the beauties of living here in Wichita Falls is no traffic. However, that does not mean people know how to drive. In Dallas, you have to deal with traffic and dumb drivers. Turns out in Dallas, you're 46% more likely to get in a wreck than in any other part of the country. I've driven in Dallas before and yes, it can be bad. Crazy to think that it's number one in the country.


I would have guessed Houston as the worst in Texas. They actually came in at number eight for the whole country. Fort Worth actually outranked Houston, coming in at six on the list. I'll be honest, Fort Worth is WAY WORSE to drive through in my opinion. Fort Worth's highways are a freaking nightmare literally every time I drive through on my way to Arlington.


Stupid drivers and bad highway design are definitely a reason that Dallas ranks near the top of this list. Something that is EASILY preventable and could help Dallas rank lower in future years is the amount of accidents involving drunk drivers in the city. 42.4% of fatal car accidents in the city involve a drunk driver. Get a safe ride home if you go out drinking.

Dallas is apparently putting in a 'Vision Zero Plan'. The goal is to eliminate all traffic deaths by 2030. The plan is to look out for pedestrians on the most dangerous intersections in the city. This includes adding crosswalks and  bike lanes. Reducing speed limits and education (telling people to drive safe). Best of luck with that Dallas. Unless you plan on putting in those high tech crosswalks with dividers, you have a lot of work to do.

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