The Terrifying Tale of a Dystopian Nightmare: Autonomous Speakers Berate Dallas Pedestrian.

Imagine walking down the street, just minding your own business, when suddenly you hear voices yelling at you.

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That happened to one person in Dallas, and it was like something from one of those movies about the future we used to watch as kids. Isn't it wild how many things we used to see as kids in movies have come to fruition? Robots, TV watches, flying cars... we got it all.

A Brave New World

But those movies also portrayed the dark side of the future. A future where a camera is always on you. A future where everything is recorded. This future. The one that we are in. But we did it to ourselves.

Wow, that got deep.


I'm assuming this motion sensor-speaker setup is to deter homeless people from sleeping there. If it's this person's privately owned business, they have every right to use whatever legal tactics they deem necessary to encourage non-customers to go about their merry way.


It's actually kind of cool. Do you have a neighbor that won't stop entering in to your backyard? Set up one of these bad boys.

Check out the video below:

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