For some it's the most wonderful time of the year. For others, not so much.

YouGov surveyed nearly 13,000 Americans age 18 and up to see how much they liked, or disliked, Christmas. Here's a little bit of what they found out.

Among all adults we're pretty consistent between men and women with our dislikes of Christmas. 5% of each somewhat dislike the holiday and 4% dislike it a lot.

56% of women like it a lot, while 52% of men answered that way. When it came to somewhat like it the men came in at 23% and the women 21%.

Now for the interesting part. Republicans seem to like Christmas more than Democrats. There's no explanation for why that might be, but 62% of Republicans said they liked Christmas a lot with only 53% of Democrats saying the same. Only 48% of Independents surveyed said they liked it a lot. I'm not sure what that means, but there it is.

The survey was conducted on December 3rd and 4th of this year. You can see a more complete breakdown here.

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