Everything is bigger in Texas, including the drone shows.

Watch the Drone Show from North Richland Hills, Texas

Sunday evening, Fort Worth's Sky Elements put on a drone show above Birdville ISD Stadium. We have done stories on Sky Elements before because they always seem to set a new world record with their displays. On Sunday, 1,499 drones were used to display the images in the sky.

Record Number One: Largest Fictional Character Using Drones

Record Number Two: Largest Aerial Image Made Using Drones

Looks like that sequence above featuring The Nutcracker battling The Rat King is what got Sky Elements their two new world records. Other iconic Christmas moments are featured in the show. You can watch the full thing above.

Sky Elements Previous World Record in 2023

Like I said, this company likes to set records. Over the summer on the Fourth of July, they had another drone show in North Richland Hills. This time they set the world record for "largest aerial sentence made using drones". It's towards the end of that video at the 2:45 mark.

Where Will the Next Drone Show Be?

Sky Elements is actually hitting the road to close out 2023. The rest of the year, they have shows in Florida, Louisiana, and California. Keep an eye on their website in 2024, to see where their next North Texas show is. Seems like they like to keep the world records here in Texas. As they should!

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