Since the start of the pandemic more and more restaurants, have started delivering.  Sure, some restaurants such as pizzerias have been delivering for ages, but now even fine dining restaurants are bringing meals to your front door.  Now with smartphone apps such as Postmates and Favor, you can get just about anything you want dropped off in your driveway.

The only downside to food delivery is the availability of delivery drivers.   Some restaurants don’t offer delivery because they can’t afford to hire any drivers.  Well, one Israeli startup plans to remedy this issue, by having drones deliver your food to your doorstep.

Flytek which is a new tech startup specializing in drone delivery, is launching a restaurant delivery service right here in Texas.  The company has partnered with Brinker International, to have your favorite menu items dropped off at your front door, by a drone Each drone can only carry about six pounds of weight, which makes them ideal for dropping off take-out meals to people’s homes.

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Brinker International, which is headquartered out of Dallas, owns some of the most popular restaurant brands in the country.  The company is famous for operating and franchising both the, Chili’s and Maggiano’s Little Italy brands.  Soon customers will be able to open up the Flytek app and have their baby back ribs, or lasagna to their front doorstep by a drone.

Delivery won’t be limited to just restaurant menu items either.  Flytek has also partnered with both Wal-Mart and Target to have groceries delivered by drone to your home.  While Flytek, has been operating their food drone delivery service in North Carolina since September of 2020, this is their first venture into the Lone Star State.  In fact, they have made thousands of deliveries over the past couple of years.  The drone delivery service will first launch in Granbury, and eventually expand to other markets over time.

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