This story should be filed under the 'what were they thinking' category.

This morningAmazon had featured these cell phone cases with offensive pictures and descriptions of very serious mental and health issues. I would like to think that they had no intention for them to be offensive, but who monitors what they sell?


My sister, a mother of a Down Syndrome child, first shared the ad with me - a cell phone case that said 'Feeling Down' with a picture of a girl with Down Syndrome on it -  and my first thought was, "Are you kidding"? How can you make fun of special needs kids or mental health issues?

My nephew Shane is the light of our lives! Shane is an adult male with Down Syndrome. He's funny, clever and has a memory like an elephant. He will remind you of stuff you said a month ago and will hold you to it! He makes my day every afternoon as I get home to 'Hello my love!'.  How could you possibly make fun of that?

I decided to reach out to Amazon via chat and let them know how I felt about the offensive cell phone case being sold on their website. When I opened a chat message I was connected with Tiffany from, but Tiffany immediately left the conversation.

Amazon Chat

Several friends and family members called, messaged, and e-mailed Amazon, and I am happy to say that the offensive products have been taken down, but I still have this sense of outrage that I just can't let go.

What do you think?  Would you be offended by these products?  Would you boycott Amazon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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