A lot of blood is shed during that show, so seems appropriate.

Apparently, HBO always tries to do something unique with their setup at SXSW over in Austin. This year with the final season of 'Game of Thrones' on the way, they decided to do an event they're calling 'Bleed for the Throne'. An official Red Cross Blood Drive where participants will also be able to hang out with memorabilia from the show.

While donating blood, you will hear music from the show and it will look like you're in Westeros while donating as well. After donating, they have an audio tour you go with visuals from the show. They say it is like you're actually there with your headphones on. Once walking out you get a pin that will get you discounts at establishments throughout Austin for your blood donation.

I, unfortunately, do have bad news for you. All the donation appointments are currently booked. They do have a standby list, but I imagine at this point it is pretty filled up. The Bleed for the Throne ends on Saturday, March 9. Remember, you should still donate blood when you can. Even if it's not a super cool Game of Thrones blood drive. One blood donation can save up to three lives.

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