We had a lot of fun at Animania Wichita Falls and it looks like it was a huge success for everyone involved. 

We had a table set up at Animania to check out all the fun of the dealer's room. I totally bought an awesome Boba Fett helmet for my living room. They also had a game room, artists alley and a panel area going on. Great to see a lot of people dressed up for the event and we got a lot of great photos of the people walking around.

Shout out to our photographer Dave Diamond for walking around for a few hours and snapping these great pictures. According to the folks at Animania, they had an amazing turnout and it was bigger than they expected. Looks like Animania will be back for 2018 and we hope to be a part of it once again. Check out all the great photos above of some of the cosplayers that Animania had to offer.

BONUS: Cosplay from Magfest 

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