Another sports team will be leaving our city, but this time for a different reason.

From the Spudders, to now the Warriors, Wichita Falls is once again without a sports team. Inside source has confirmed that the Wichita Falls Warriors will be moving to Oklahoma City once the season wraps up. Now our Warriors, well I guess Oklahoma City's Warriors, clinched a playoff spot this past weekend. Playoff games will be happening here, but after that it's done.


It seems like for previous teams, low attendance was a factor for a team leaving, but we have been told attendance was not an issue in the decision. The Warriors had a great turnout for their final regular season games over the weekend. 3,000 fans were in attendance to watch the Warriors win 4-3 on Saturday night.

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I wish the current Warriors team, ownership, and organization all the luck in Oklahoma City. I hope you guys are on to bigger and better things in your new city.

I hope one day a team can prosper in Wichita Falls. We have had everything in our city at this point. Baseball (Spudders), Football (Nighthawks), Soccer (Flyers), Basketball (Texans) and Hockey (Most recently Warriors). Low attendance was a factor for the majority of those teams, but it seems to me like the city screwed it up for us this time.

I say we get out there and support the Warriors once that playoff schedule is announced. However, do we get to keep a trophy here or does it go to Oklahoma City? I will take a plaque to be hung in our studio at the very least.

Maybe I need to start my own team? I'm still holding out hope that someone will let me do the Wichita Falls Red Draws.

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