With major shifts in American demographics expected by 2050, just how diverse is Texas right now?

The website WalletHub rated 501 major US cities, analyzing each in 13 metrics across diversities of household, religion, socioeconomic, cultural diversity, and economic. Texas claimed the top spot with Houston, and 7 of the remaining 9 Texas cities on the list were in the top fifth. Two cities scored much lower, coming in at 214th and 463rd.

Overall Rank*CityTotal ScoreSocioeconomic Diversity' RankCultural Diversity' RankEconomic Diversity' RankHousehold Diversity' RankReligious Diversity' Rank
1Houston, TX71.61012912111053
5Dallas, TX71.121074618713043
9Arlington, TX70.871334111516490
25Fort Worth, TX69.8810061112134161
42Austin, TX69.2573165331253
57Plano, TX68.551953455444213
62San Antonio, TX68.4220413013545102
71Corpus Christi, TX68.17241166455767
214El Paso, TX64.972672633696276
463Laredo, TX58.8732149051201384

To see the complete list of 501 cities, CLICK HERE.

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