First things first, anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT a fashion forward person. Dressed up for me means a decent pair of boots, a clean pair of jeans, probably a white shirt, and maybe a sport coat for a more formal occasion.That being said, even I know to steer clear of socks and sandals so I shudder to think what we'll be seeing if these new Crocs with fanny packs become a trend. Heck, I chuckled just typing the word fanny pack.

Crocs with fanny packs, image courtesy Beams
Crocs with fanny packs, image courtesy Beams

While I though it was a joke at first, it does seem to be a real as I found them online at BestProducts and Beams.. The idea seems to be a mashup with Crocs sandals and tiny little, zip-close packs at the heel. I'm not sure what you could put into them as a wallet or smart phone certainly wouldn't fit. Maybe a $20 bill and a debit / credit card or your house key? I'll leave that up to the people who actually wear them.

It's not clear if these will be available in the United States any time soon, but I think I'll stick to sneakers and cowboy boots all the same.


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