You can have just about anything delivered to your front door nowadays.  Some North Texas Wal-Marts are taking their delivery service to the next level.

Recently, Wal-Mart announced that they were going to launch their new In-Home Shopping service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  While Wal-Mart has been delivering items to customers’ homes for years, this delivery service is a little unconventional.  With this In-Home Shopping, employees wouldn’t be dropping off items at the customer’s front door.  They would be entering the customers’ homes and placing the items inside.

Customers who use In-Home Shopping could choose where they wanted their items placed.  For example, if you order groceries, you can instruct the Wal-Mart associate to put your items in the refrigerator or freezer.   They’ll even place the items that you purchased in the living room, bathroom, or even the garage.

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According to the Dallas Morning News, Wal-Mart is planning on launching In-Home Shopping in Texas as soon as this summer.  The retailer has already been offering this personal delivery service in Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Phoenix, Atlanta, and West Palm Beach. For security reasons, customers who decide to use the In-Home Shopping service will have to have smart locks or keypads that can have one-time codes programmed into them.  In-Home Shopping will cost customers $19.95 a month or $148 a year.

I’m not sure that I’m comfortable with a stranger walking into my house, and putting my food in my refrigerator.  I may be old school, but I think I’ll just drive to the store and pick up my groceries the old-fashioned way.

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