If these walls could talk, what would they say?

Historically, Wichita Falls, Texas is known for being a hub for grain, cattle, and oil industrialization. With that, abandoned structures are plentiful. We took to the streets of Wichita Falls to find out which ones strike the community's curiosity the most.

The first in our 'Abandoned Texoma' video series is the Attebury Grain elevator and old mill; a tall, statuesque structure, sitting next to a completely abandoned building and railroads with loads of history.

Whether you are entering Wichita Falls from the east or exiting from the west, the Attebury Grain elevator dominates the skyline. A building that looks more like a Call of Duty map than an operating business. At first glance, you might not know it, but the silos are operational with trucks entering and exiting with grain distribution.

An eerie property plastered with ‘No Trespassing’ signs, the old mill sits forgotten next door. Once a profitable milling plant operated by General Mills, the now abandoned building is riddled with broken, empty windows, and dark hallways.

Rotting railroad tracks run directly between the two structures, and a chain link barbed wire fence marks the perimeters.

It’s hard not to fall into the belief that the area might be haunted, after all, aesthetically it fits the bill.

However, don’t get any Ghostbusters ideas. With the amount of No Trespassing signs posted, the owners mean business. That is unless you want to become one of the rumored ghost stories.


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