Austin is under a boil order right now for their water. Bottled water is flying off of store shelves and some local breweries are doing their part.

People in Austin have been living under a boil order for the city's water since Monday. The latest report actually says that boil order could be lifted this weekend, instead of the two weeks that was initially reported. People are boiling water at home and going out to get bottled water. Several restaurants in the city have shut down because of the boil order, but some businesses are doing what they can to help out.

Places like Black Star Co-Op Pub and Brewery have to boil several gallons of water in their beer making process. Instead of making beer the past couple of days. They have been giving locals the water to take home with them. They have reached out to animal shelters and hospices as well to give them water during this boil order.

North by Northwest Brewery is also helping out in the city. They say they have about 800 gallons ready to go out to locals who need it. These breweries have also reached out to local businesses that need the water to run the day to day operations. Many of these small businesses could not afford to shut down during the period of this boil order. So this is a way they can still be open during this crazy time.

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