Reports across the nation indicate that this may be one of the highest voter turnouts the United States has seen in more than one hundred years and early voting continues through this Friday at several locations in and around Wichita Falls.

While some are eagerly awaiting the results with plans for victory parties, others are looking forward to the evening of November third with more than a little bit of trepidation. It's those people that BABE Wine created their Election Night Survival Kit for.

As reported by Cleveland's WKYC, the Election Night Survival Kit includes everything you'll need to make it through another nail-biting night of ballot count returns.

To start with, there's wine. A special 'Polls Closing. Bottles Opening.' red blend created just for the occasion.

You'll also get a 'Scream Here' pillow. This handy pillow can be used for both screams of joy or anguish, depending on how the evening unfolds for your preferred candidates.

Between the TV commentator's giving you the state by state vote counts and updating the Electoral College results you'll be stressed so they've also included a handy squeeze ball to occupy your fidgety fingers.

There's even a box of 'Doing Great, THX' tissues for those who tend to tear up during stressful events. (You know who you are.)

And if the first bottle of wine wasn't enough, the Election Night Survival Kit also includes a four can pack of BABE's rose wine.

If this sounds like exactly what you'll need to make it through next Tuesday evening's election night watch party you're not alone. According to AdAge, BABE sold out within two hours of putting these handy kits online but they're doing everything they can to restock and ship out more.

If you can't get one of their kits, you could always pick up a bottle of your favorite wine locally and prepare your own. One way or another, the 2020 election is going to be interesting and something we talk about for a long time to come.

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