No matter where you look, the coronavirus pandemic has created massive changes in every aspect of life; from how we shop to how we spend our free time and find entertainment. Those entertainment venues were hit especially hard, but none harder than Backdoor Theatre in downtown Wichita Falls.

After ceasing operations for the pandemic they were also impacted by a massive water leak and several feet of water flooding their lower levels during the summer of 2020. Now, for the first time since this all began they will be open to the public for live theatre performances.

Their first presentation in over a year will be the 2021 Summer Youth Musical, Calvin Berger. Opening day is set for Friday, July 9th, with additional shows on the 10th, 15,th, 16th, and 17th. All performances will take place on the Main Stage and will begin at 7:30 p.m.

The story of Calvin Berger is based loosely on Edmond Rostand's play, Cyrano de Bergerac, but set in more modern times. Calvin loves Rosanna but lacks self confidence to tell her. Rosanna thinks Matt is cute and he likes her but he's too shy to do anything about it. Calvin offers to help Matt woo Rosanna and you can pretty much guess where things go from there. Oh, yeah. There's another girl in the picture, too. Her name is Bret and just to make things even more interesting she's got her eyes on Calvin but he's too busy to notice.

There are 20 enthusiastic young actors and crew members involved in the show and it's sure to be a major part of Backdoor Theatre history.

Tickets to the 2021 Summer Youth Musical, Calving Berger, can be purchased online or by calling Backdoor Theatre at 940-322-5000.

For the time being all performances at Backdoor Theatre will be on the Main Stage, the Dinner Stage is not expected to be ready until sometime in 2022.

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