Is there someone on your holiday list that would absolutely love to have a group of carolers serenade them but you know in your heart that you can’t carry a tune in a tinsel-covered bucket with a candy-cane handle? Fear not, for those intrepid young thespians from Backdoor Theatre are ready to help you out.

For the small fee of just $50 a group of talented individuals from Backdoor Theatre’s Youth Troupe will perform at your party or send a singing telegram to the person of your choice to liven up their holiday. The troupe will perform a 15-minute selection of classic carols leaving everyone with the warm, fuzzy happiness that only Christmas carols, or a cup of hot cocoa, can bring.

Funds raised through Carols For Cash will go toward Backdoor Theatre’s Youth Education Program and TNT Festival Fees so not only will you get a very special concert, you'll also be doing something to promote live theatre and the performing arts in Wichita Falls.

The location must be within Wichita Falls city limits and their schedule is filling up fast so book your private Christmas concert now.

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