If you were looking forward to some great laughs at Backdoor Theatre's Evening of Improv this Saturday night you're going to have to wait just a few days longer.

Even though their home stage in downtown Wichita Falls is still being repaired, reconstructed, and upgraded after last summer's flooding event the dedicated performers at Backdoor Theatre have vowed that the show must go on. So they moved their Evening of Improv shows to the MPEC's theatre space. Then the snow and cold hit and a couple pipes burst at the MPEC earlier this week taking that facility offline for a little while. But that's still not enough to stop these intrepid performers from delivering the laughs we all so desperately need. They simply moved the show again. What was to be this Saturday's show at the MPEC is now next Friday's show at the Iron Horse Pub.

Backdoor Theatre via Facebook
Backdoor Theatre via Facebook

They made the announcement on the Backdoor Theatre Facebook page earlier today.

If you've ever been to one of the Evening of Improv shows you know that almost anything can happen or be said at almost any moment. Having one of these shows at the Iron Horse Pub can only add to the fun.

Tickets are available online for just $12 bucks and if you break it down that's bound to be just pennies per laugh.

The March and April shows should be back at the MPEC.

You can follow the progress of the reconstruction of the Backdoor Theatre facility on their Facebook page and make a donation to the cause here.

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