The great state of Texas has come up with a genius plan to deal with the outrageous egg prices that have been plaguing the country.

Drumroll, please… They want every Texan to have a chicken in their backyard! Brilliant, right? Who needs affordable eggs when you can just raise your own damn chickens?

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Apparently, some of us are paying up to $9 for a dozen eggs. I mean, come on, what are they doing, encrusting those eggs with gold flakes? That's just fowl play. (See what I did there? Fowl? Because of chickens? Ok, maybe it's not that funny).



Lawmakers have us covered

But fear not my fellow Texans, our lawmakers are on the case! They've proposed bills that would allow us to have up to six chickens in our backyard. Finally, a chance to live out our childhood dream of being farmers without ever leaving the city limits.


Please disregard the smell

Of course, there are some pesky regulations to deal with, like the ban on breeding and the need for a reasonable distance between your chickens and your neighbor's property. And don't forget about the odor concerns, noise regulations, and sanitation inquiries. I mean, who needs a clean and odor-free backyard when you can have fresh eggs every day, am I right?


So, let's all embrace our inner farmer and get ourselves some backyard chickens! Who needs grocery stores when you can have a coop in your own backyard? Texas, y'all!

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