After audio footage that appears to document Clay Walker hurling an expletive-riddled rant at his tour bus surfaced on social media, the singer has issued a statement about the incident, which he says took place "over a year ago."

In the clip, Walker appears to be upset about a couple of things: Namely, that his bus driver was late to arrive at a planned meeting spot, and that the driver failed to ensure that the tour bus was clean.

In the clip, the singer threatens his driver with physical violence and unleashes a tirade of profanity as he explains exactly why he's so upset.

"I can whip your a-- with one hand tied behind my back. Don't say a f--king word," Walker says in the audio, which appears to have been recorded on a cell phone, and which emerged on TikTok. "Tomorrow, call your f--king boss and get me an experienced f--king driver out here, because you are not that."

Country Now was first to report the footage, and the publication also obtained a statement from the singer.

"This happened over a year ago and it came at the end of a long, tough weekend," the singer explains via a statement from his publicist. "The bus driver and I reconciled immediately and we are friends and stay in touch."

References from Walker make it sound as if this incident was a two-sided argument — "you're telling me I'm eating into your f--king driving time," the singer says at one point — but the available audio is pretty one-sided.

"Motherf--ker, told me you'd be here at 10 f--king PM. You were not here, you lying c--t," he continues.

"So when I come out of that bathroom, get your a-- ready to drive, and drive me smooth, motherf--ker, or you're gonna regret it," Walker says in the audio (above).

At that point, there's a pause in the recording, as it sounds as if Walker is making his way towards the back of the bus. He then says, "All my s--t is still f--king dirty back here. You know what, if you really wanted to f--king try, and be part of this organization, you'd have found a f--king washing machine."

After a user posted the audio clip to TikTok, many users demanded an explanation from Walker in the comments section, while others pointed out that the full context of the argument wasn't available, and wanted to wait to see the full story before they passed judgment.

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