Witness the Wild Night That Shook a Dallas Texas Nightclub Parking Lot.

The video at the bottom of this article contains no context, as is tradition.

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In Texas, where things are always exciting, something really wild happened at a popular club. A group of friends wanted to have a good time, but their night turned into a big surprise.

Let's break it down blow by blow.

Gunshots and Nobody Even Flinches?

Today's video opens in a parking lot outside of a club in Dallas, Texas.  Two ladies who are not pleased with each other at the moment are being separated. Once they are apart, we hear nine rounds being fired off in quick succession.  The girl in the tan shirt must have thought this was the starting gun for a race because she sprints back to the girl in the black shirt and starts the fight again.


Royal Rumble

Two other ladies jump in and start pulling hair, and now we got ourselves a straight-up Royal Rumble.


The original two combatants swap back and forth taking the dominant position.


Some Say They're Still Fighting 'Til This Very Day

It's pretty much just more of the same at this point.  Hairpulling and wrestling, then more hairpulling. So awesome!


That's it. Check out the video for yourself.

Even though the big fight is over, people will remember it for a long time. Whether you love going out at night or just hear about it, this crazy night in Texas shows that everything is always a bit bigger and more exciting, even when you're just trying to dance!

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