I get it, weddings can be stressful. And you're working with a budget. But this couple took things a little farther than expected by asking guests to indicate the value of the wedding gift they're bringing so they can feed them accordingly.

Here's how it breaks down. If you spend up to $250 on your "Loving" gift you can choose from roasted chicken or swordfish. That's not bad. I haven't had swordfish in a long time.

Each time you bump up a level on gift value you can select from any of the previous options or upgrade your meal. If you spend between $251 and $500 for the "Silver" gift you can also select sliced steak or poached salmon. This is starting to sound like a pretty fancy party.

Those spending $501 to $1,000 are in the "Golden" gift category and can opt for filet mignon or lobster tails.

And finally, those going all out and spending more than $1,000 on their "Platinum" level wedding gift qualify for a two pound lobster plus a souvenir champagne goblet. Hey, if you're going to drop a grand or more on your friends' wedding gift you should at least get a keepsake to remember the event.

You can see a photo of the actual invitation on Reddit. The hilarious responses it's getting on social media are about what you'd expect the internet to provide. Some are just flaming the happy couple, some are saying they'd just mark their promised gift at one level then show up with a $40 toaster. What could the newlyweds do, send you a bill later for the meal you ate but didn't qualify for?

Then again, this is 2020. Pretty much all options are out there on the table.

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