BJ Barham, the front-man and songwriter from American Aquarium announced a brand new project today. He's planning to record his first solo album, 'Rockingham,' and has launched a PledgeMusic page to start funding it.

He says that American Aquarium fans need not worry, the band will still be going into the studio next year to record more and they aren't in any way breaking up. During their recent European tour, he wrote a batch of new songs that just didn't quite fit for an American Aquarium album.

As Barham explained it, "They felt extremely intimate. They felt like songs that would be best served with just me, my voice and an acoustic guitar. A batch of songs about home. My childhood home of Reidsville. My current home of Raleigh. Just every possible definition of what home means to me."

The plan is to record in February with Brad Cook and Jon Ashley, who worked with the band for their last album, 'Wolves.' Right now, fans can pre-order and help fund the new album, 'Rockingham' through PledgeMusic.

"I am asking my fans to preorder the record and also take advantage of the exclusive fan bundles available here at PledgeMusic. With the money raised through this campaign I will be able to record, mix, master, distribute and properly promote “Rockingham” the way I feel it deserves to be done," Barham says on the PledgeMusic page.

In the meantime, American Aquarium just announced their first tour in Canada. The band will also play a New Year's Eve show at the Wormy Dog in Oklahoma City.