In a scene straight out of a National Geographic documentary, a local resident captured an incredible moment on camera.

It's not every day you witness a true predator showcasing its prowess right in your backyard.

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In a scene straight out of a National Geographic documentary, a local resident captured an incredible moment on camera - a bobcat carrying its prey, providing an up-close look at the wild side of Dallas.

Meet the Culprit

The video at the bottom of this article shows a bobcat, lurking through a Carrollton, Texas neighborhood with what appears to be a squirrel in its mouth. Carrollton is part of the greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, but we just lump all those cities together and call it Dallas.


What is a bobcat?

The bobcat, scientifically referred to as Lynx rufus and commonly known as the red lynx, is a felid species that falls into the category of medium-sized wildcats. This distinctive feline is indigenous to the continent of North America, where it thrives across a vast geographical range, extending from the southern regions of Canada and spanning the majority of the contiguous United States all the way down to the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. This remarkable adaptability and extensive territorial coverage have contributed to the bobcat's classification as a species of Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, a conservation status it has maintained since the year 2002. This favorable categorization is primarily attributed to the bobcat's remarkable ability to thrive in diverse environments and its substantial population size, making it one of the more robust and resilient wildcats on the North American continent.

Should we be Worried?

What should you do if you spot a bobcat luring in your neighborhood? Luckily, bobcats have emerged as nature's ultimate pest management squad. These elusive creatures harbor no intentions of disrupting our lives and have no secret designs on ambushing children or pets. In fact, they'd prefer it if we remained blissfully unaware of their presence. To put it succinctly, your optimal course of action when encountering a bobcat is simply to let them be.

Check out the video for yourself below:


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