The Deluge of Groveton: A Terrifying Tale of Nature's Fury Unleashed.

In a cozy corner of Texas, not far from Houston, sits the quiet town of Groveton. People there know each other well and enjoy the peaceful countryside.

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Yesterday, they got rocked with a massive rainstorm hit, dumping almost 11 inches of rain in less than a day. The video at the bottom of this article captures some of the mayhem the torrential downpour brought with it.


The rain didn't stop, and soon, Groveton was in trouble. Streets filled up like rivers, houses were surrounded by water, and cars got stuck in the floods. It was like something from a disaster flick.

People reportedly had to leave their homes quickly to stay safe. Some lost everything they owned as the water rushed in.



Now that the rain has stopped, Groveton faces a big job of cleaning up and getting back to normal. But they're not alone. With everyone pitching in, the town will bounce back stronger than ever. Groveton might have been shaken, but it won't be beaten.

Check out the video below:

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