A crew has been working for days to find the wreckage of an accident from this past Thursday.

On June 21, 2018, an eighteen wheeler hauling paint supplies collided with a Chevy Cavalier on the Roosevelt Bridge in Oklahoma. The driver of the big rig lost control and the truck went over into Lake Texoma. The past few days a crew has been looking for the body of the driver and the truck as well.

Yesterday evening they were able to finally get the truck back to the surface after it submerged fifty feet to the bottom of the lake. They attached several flotation devices under the truck and used a tow line to pull it to the surface. They were able to get it out of the water around 2:30 this morning.

Divers also located the body of the truck driver still in the cab of the vehicle. The driver in the Chevy Cavalier was also killed in the crash, but their vehicle stayed on Roosevelt Bridge. Details have not been released at this of the identities of the drivers involved in the wrecks.

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