When Hollie Mallet was looking through her security camera footage in May, she spotted something a bit unexpected. A little boy was on tape running into her garage. The boy wasn't stealing anything or causing any trouble though. He was just giving her dog a hug.

Mallet didn't know who the boy was, and wanted to find out so she posted the video on her social networks. It didn't take long for the identity of the dog-hugging boy to be found. It was her 9-year-old neighbor Josh Breaux.

Mallet says that she has an underground fence and her dog, a Black Lab named Dutchess is able to run free in the yard. She had seen the boy stop at the end of her driveway and throw a ball before, but had no idea there was anything more than that.

Josh's mom told ABC News that their dog Bella, which they had had since Josh was 2, had passed away last year. She says that every time they drove past Mallet's house, Josh would talk about the dog, but didn't know he was doing this. She says the video made her tear up. She was a little mad that he was going on the neighbors property without permission, but was also happy to see him adoring dogs so much.

Mallet ended up meeting Josh and says she's happy that him and Dutchess are friends. She says now that Josh comes over every day to play with Dutchess. Mallet and her husband enjoy watching the daily visits on the security videos.