Brandon Rhyder is coming back to Wichita Falls this Saturday night. He'll be taking the stage at the Iron Horse Pub on March 5th with special guest Cody Jasper and EB Stewart. Brandon called in and chatted with Drew for a few minutes before the show.

Brandon says it's going to be a rocking night on Saturday. The full band will be playing and he's planning on having some fun. He also talked about the new album that he's working on. They are about to head into the studio to record and he has a ton of new material that he's excited to share.

He also talked about what he's been listening to recently. Brandon says that he's been on a big kick of listening to people like Guy Clarke, Jerry Jeff Walker, and other singer songwriters who are the backbone of the red dirt movement.

Don't miss the show on Saturday night at the Iron Horse Pub.

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