Dallas is getting wilder by the minute.

Big D is like a dream come true for a content creator. Any more, I know I can log on to Twitter first thing Monday morning and find a whole bunch of weekend craziness that was caught on video and shared with the world.

And this Monday was no different.

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The latest all-out brawl in Dallas comes to us from Bombshells. If you’re not familiar with Bombshells, think Hooters with a military aviation theme. The joint is described as a “sports bar with a military aviation theme featuring scantily-clad servers, pub grub & live music.”

Sounds like a pretty cool place to hang out, huh? I would imagine it usually is a cool place to hang out, but not last Saturday night (April 22).

A video is currently making the rounds of some fisticuffs that broke out there after the Garcia/Davis fight. As is usually the case with these types of clips, I don’t have any earthly idea as to what led up to the fight that broke out.

However, I’m 99.9% sure alcohol had something to do with it (and this is coming from a drinker, so, far be it from me to preach).

Whatever the case may be, spend the next 15 seconds with the video here and enjoy some of my favorite Twitter comments below.

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