I think we've been watching too many movies.

The New York Times recently posted an article (behind a paywall) about one company's difficulty in getting their staff to get vaccinated.

That led to a Twitter post highlighting some of the reasons that were given saying that people were afraid that the vaccine would turn them into Zombies like in the movie I Am Legend.

That led to a reply from Akiva Goldsman, one of the screenwriters from the movie. His reply was, "Oh. My. God. It's a movie ... It's. Not Real."

That, of course led to several other responses. Some of which were humorous, some totally serious. It's an interesting rabbit hole to fall into.

Still, there are some consistencies with the situation we find ourselves in today. In the movie I Am Legend the world has pretty much gone to that fiery place down below because of a genetically reprogrammed virus that is turning the entire population of the planet into zombies and Will Smith's character is somehow immune to the disease and is searching for a solution.

The virus in the film was something that scientists that scientists had done gain of function experiments on in hopes of curing cancer.

Wait ... Scientists working on gain of function with an existing virus ... That sounds vaguely familiar ...  Surely that can't be ... Nah. That would never happen in the real world.

But I digress.

NewsWest9 picked up the story and did some digging. They spoke with people from the CDC, the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System, Dr. Kohli from the University of Colorado, even Akiva Goldsman from the movie.

The question was: Can the COVID-19 vaccine turn you into a zombie or a vampire?

Carsten Koall / ThinkStock
Carsten Koall / ThinkStock

Their conclusion: No, the COVID-19 vaccine, or any vaccine currently available for that matter, will not turn anyone into a zombie or a vampire.

That's good to know. But it begs another question. If there's nothing turning people into zombies or vampires why does the CDC have a web page dedicated to Zombie Preparedness for Teachers?

And another page called Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse.

What do they know? Why are they not telling us?

Time will tell.

So, can the COVID-19 vaccine turn you into a zombie? In the physical sense, no. In the metaphorical sense where you mindlessly go along and do what you're told, absolutely.

Do your own homework. Make up your own mind.

Watch out for zombies.

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