Chilled Wheels and Spinning Tales - A Winter Adventure Unfolds

In a state where winter usually means a light jacket and occasional frost, the recent cold snap in Texas brought about a rare spectacle.

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The video below video captures a car's nail-biting spin-out on a frozen highway that'll have you clenching your rear in anticipation. Let's take a look.

Texas Gets Super Cold

Look, we claim to be the best at everything here in Texas, but driving in icy conditions is one talent that most of us living here just do not possess. If you've ever lost control in traffic on a slippery road, you know just how terrifying it can be.


You Got This!

At first, the blue car in the video below seems like it it can pull out of the slide. But that's how it always seems at first. You go a little, left, over-correct, and then turn a little further to the right. You think, "I got this!"


You Don't Got This

Just as you think you might have it under control, you find yourself sliding along the road backward as you now are facing oncoming traffic. No bueno!



Now You're in a Ditch

And just like the rascal in the video below, your last "ditch" effort delivers you to the side of the road where you just have to accept your fate. You live in the ditch now until a wrecker can come and pull you out.

Check out the video below:

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