Shell Shocked: The Epic Showdown That Rocked Fat Crab in Houston!

A wild brawl erupted at the renowned Fat Crab in Houston. What started as a seemingly ordinary night of seafood indulgence quickly escalated into a full-blown spectacle as chairs took flight and fists met their aquatic match.

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The Scene

Picture this: a bustling seafood haven filled with the savory aroma of Cajun spices, the clinking of crab claws, and the joyous chatter of patrons ready to dive into a feast fit for Neptune himself. Little did they know, the evening would soon take a dramatic turn that would be etched into the annals of Houston restaurant lore.


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Details are still hazy, but eyewitnesses claim that a disagreement over a particularly coveted crab leg ignited the powder keg of tension. Tempers flared, voices rose, and before anyone could say "butter sauce," chaos ensued.


Chairs Take Flight

In a scene reminiscent of a WWE SmackDown, chairs became unlikely projectiles as disgruntled diners aimed to make a point. Witnesses describe a surreal ballet of airborne furniture, creating an atmosphere more suited to an action movie than a seafood joint.

Fists Fly

As the chair-throwing frenzy reached its peak, fists joined the fray. It was a free-for-all of flailing limbs and shellfish-fueled fury. Crab crackers became improvised weapons, and the clatter of combat drowned out the sounds of simmering pots and sizzling seafood.

Check out the video below!


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