We received a lot of submissions for our child bedroom makeover giveaway, and Colton's story was the one our panel of judges voted to win. He got one awesome new room.

We partnered with HomeRx for a pretty awesome contest. We wanted to hook up one lucky Texoma kid with a bedroom makeover. We asked you to submit a child's story on our website as to why they deserve the makeover. Colton's aunt sent us this story.

Every child deserves a dream room and many will have a dream room, remodeled many times throughout their growing years. Colton's Mom is not that financially fortunate. Therefore they need help. You may feel a financial need is not a "deserving" reason so I will say the following: Developmental issues has made it detrimental that Colton have a room that is not only stimulating but also a quiet, safe, calm refuge where he can go when noises and activities overwhelm him. Colton is a very active child, but also usually wants someone else to always be with him. He never wants a visitor to leave, grabbing them by the hand and trying to led them back inside or to his room for the sure to come one on one attention. I also feel he deserves a big positive in his life, like this bedroom makeover, to help him overcome the loss of his Grandmother and his dog and all the long time sadness around him because of it. Colton will happily blow you a kiss, smile, and squeal with delight just as he wants to cling on and never let you go. He loves discovering and is a good hugger. He is also known among his loved ones as the "prairie dog whisper". Perhaps the most important thing is that Colton is a special gift we all thought we'd never have. Let's PLEASE give this cutie a bedroom makeover!!

We loved that story so much and Colton's room is finished thanks to the hard working folkds at HomeRx. The first photos in the gallery above are what the room looked like before and then what it looks like now. I am going to guess with Colton's new room he wanted a truck and train theme. They're everywhere and I am sure he loves it.

Hopefully, we get to do something like this again and be sure you sign up for all of the contests so you have a chance to win something cool.

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