You never know what could show up on that ring doorbell camera. "Oink oink, new neighbors moving in".

Over in Fort Bend County, Texas a video is going viral from a neighborhood. Now the neighbors are not shocked they have feral hogs in their area. They know the hogs go up and down the Brazos River and sometimes come into their neighborhood. Neighbors were pretty shocked to see how many hogs were actually there the other night.

From my count, it was 24 hogs that went by the camera that night. I could have miscounted and we all know that this is not all of them. One neighbor thought they only had two or four in the neighborhood. I feel like hogs are like cockroaches. You see one, but deep down you know you have a lot more that you can't see.


The neighborhood says the damage is honestly minimal, which is pretty surprising to me. Just the occasional flower beds and landscaping issues. I'm used to these things destroying people's fences in our area. A hog trapper who works in the area told KHOU 11 News the only way to control wild hog populations is to capture and kill 75% of them.


Guess what boys, it's hunting season. Hogs checking in, but they ain't checking out.

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