More and more of Wichita Falls is starting to open back up. The city just announced plans for several facilities to open on Monday.

Everyone is keeping an eye on what is and what is not open throughout our state. Here in Wichita Falls the city just announced that city hall will open back up to the public on Monday. Along with this the Wichita Falls Regional Airport, Kickapoo Airport, Convention and Visitors Bureau, MLK Center, Municipal Court, Transfer Station and Weeks Golf Course will open with full public access.

No word yet on when he Wichita Falls Central Fire Station, MPEC, Castaway Cove, Lucy Park Log Cabin and pool, the Wichita Falls Sports Complex, recreational facilities and plastic recycling drop off will be allowed to reopen. With City Hall opening back up the public, citizens will be allowed to attend city hall meetings. However, to maintain social distancing the room will only have a 25 percent capacity.

If you don't feel comfortable going to the meetings you can still email your questions to We will see when more things start to open back up in our city and we will do our best to let you know when things start opening.


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