We have been hearing about social distancing for weeks now, but a few weeks ago it was spring break for a lot of college students. A few did not cancel their trip and came back with the coronavirus.

A lot of people have been getting mad at people not practicing social distancing right now. Especially the people that are still traveling like nothing is going on. A lot of people are mad at a group of University of Texas students. Seventy people went on a trip to Cabo San Lucas and twenty eight of them came back with the coronavirus.

No social gatherings, I have to imagine these college students were not spending spring break isolated in their hotel rooms. They were probably out doing what college kids do at spring break. Now those students are sharing a letter from the company they booked the trip with. The Nevada based company JusCollege sent out an email to the students right before their trip.

They said 'Spring Break is On' in the email title. They said Mexico currently has very few cases of Covid-19. They said since the government has not issued any travel warnings, the trips are still on. They said they believe their vacations are the safest and most enjoyable right now. I'm sure those students that have the coronavirus right now are happy about their trip. You can see the email above.

Some of the students said since the trip was not refundable, they thought it was best to take the trip. UT Austin sophomore Ross Fisher said he spent a whole year saving for the trip and worked a second job. “It's the most expensive trip I’ve personally ever gone on,” Fisher said. “It would have been made [it] easier had they just simply offered to refund us and done the right thing.”

Some students did not go on the trip, but almost half who did go tested positive for coronavirus. JusCollege has not responded to questions from several outlets about this email they sent out. Urging students to go and the that the trip was safe.

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