A lost bet led to cops being called to the scene in Houston yesterday.

I gotta give it to Miguel Chavez for sticking with his hometown Houston Rockets against the growing bandwagon of Golden State Warriors fans. Deep down inside, he probably knew the Rockets would fall to the Warriors Tuesday night, but he agreed to let his friends duct tape him to a street sign if they lost. And lose they did.

So, the next day he found himself all alone duct taped to a yield sign at a busy intersection. Of course, the police were called to the scene. And of course, they arrived right as a man was approaching Chavez with a knife. The cops threatened to tase the dude with the knife, but it turned out he was there to cut his friend down.

That was when the two explained that he was on the sign as the result of losing a bet. The officers eventually helped him get down and even hooked him up with a ride home.

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