The world was shut down for the duration of the pandemic so an Italian couple decided they'd set sail and prove that the world was indeed flat. They made one major miscalculation, though.

It seemed like such a great idea at the time. A couple in Italy who were convinced that the world was flat decided that since everything was shut down for the pandemic it would be the perfect time to set sail for the island of Lampedusa. The island they believed to be at the edge of the world.

Things started out fine, they hopped in their car and drove to the port of Termini Imerese, where they sold their automobile to raise funds to purchase a boat.

According to, that's where things went ... over the edge. (Sorry)

While they had a great deal of optimism for their quest, they didn't have a great deal of sailing experience. They left Termini Imerese and soon found themselves off course, lost, and nowhere near Lampedusa, which is some distance South of Sicily. Instead, they found themselves at the harbor of Ustica, tired, thirsty, and nearly having shipwrecked in the process.

Their lack of seafaring skill wasn't their biggest problem, though. Once ashore they were met by officials and escorted to Palermo, where they were placed in quarantine, on their boat, for 15 days.

They had chosen to make their voyage while things were shut down for the pandemic, but in doing so they had also broken Italy's quarantine rules.

Undeterred, they then staged a daring, if ill fated, escape attempt via the boat they had now been quarantined in.

They were recaptured about three hours later by the harbormaster.

Again in quarantine, they staged yet another escape, this time only to end up the home of a man falsely claiming to be coronavirus postive.

Eventually they made their way, legally, back to their home in Venito, Italy.

You seriously cannot make this stuff up.

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